Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oh hi!

So it's been almost two years since I posted here...how does that happen?!?
But there was a question as to where I had gone now that I'm no longer selling in etsy.
I'm still around. I have my own website now.
Etsy forbids me to post a link to my new site so you guys can find me...if you haven't already...this is me

Hope to see you there!


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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday

Big ass sale this weekend...Black Friday to Cyber Monday...25% off your order (excluding shipping).  Use coupon code "black25"
I also will be releasing my new Blue Period trio.  Swatches and photos are here.  Thanks so much to Manda for the great swatches and pictures.
Also released on Friday will be another exciting set.  I hope you like it.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Epic 1000 Fan Giveaway!!!

Well here we are on the sweet ass new blog I had to make up for this very occasion!  Kind of a nice thing to have though, I suppose.  I'll try and update here as well as the facebook page.

So the super exciting prize is this:  You get to pick OMG!
the 20 most popular eyeshadow colors
20 eyeshadow colors of your choosing
These are full sizes too...Yay!

The 20 most popular colors are:
  1. unicorn pee
  2. mNg #1
  3. mNg #2
  4. mNg #3
  5. anthrax
  6. hoof and mouth
  7. mad cow
  8. coffin critters
  9. bride
  10. my pretty zombie
  11. tarayvonne
  12. ejp creations
  13. gangrenous
  14. rabies
  15. wicked crochet
  16. thundernuts
  17. thunderpants
  18. bettie
  19. custom zombie
  20. pink eye
Or pick your own 20...who knows?  You might have all this stuff already!

I really just want to take a moment to thank all of you for all the love and support.  I had no idea that I would ever get to this point and I'm truly grateful.

So enough weepy sentiment lets get to the contest!